CLIENT: Elizabeth Arden

JOB SCOPE: Prevage 2.0 Launch PR Kit Box

CLIENT’S BRIEF: To introduce Elizabeth Arden’s newest product innovation – Prevage 2.0 as an accessible and necessary skincare product, to correct and protect against damaging environmental aggressors. Target audience are young KOL recipients.

To create a PR Kit Box for launch Zoom event. The kit box will be delivered to KOL’s doorstep prior to the event day, and they will experience the unboxing together during the event.

The box should have an impressive outer design to build excitement for the unboxing, to help build relationships with customers and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Harnessing the powers of Curiosity Marketing, the PR Launch Kit Box is designed to entice KOL recipients to find out more about the product and to engage them with the kit box’s contents.

Open to the left reveals star product – Prevage 2.0

Open to the right reveals a secret inner compartment, and a pocket holding pull-out cards

With a silver ribbon pull-tab, the inner compartment houses the Prevage family products in a white wrapping with silver ribbon gift roll to enhance the unboxing factor

Product selling tools in the form of pull-out cards