Featured Project

UIC Active Power + Laundry Powder Packaging

Client: UIC

Project Details:

  • To conceptualise and create a modern brand logo and new packaging design for client’s target audience:
    • 35 to 60 year old females who seek economical and efficient laundry powder detergent.
    • 30 to 40 year old females who use laundry powder detergent for handwashing laundry.
  • To ensure that the brand logo includes a clear brand name and variant description and meet client’s design objective of simplicity, noticeability and trendiness.
  • To take into consideration the final print medium of plastic substrate so that the design objectives will not be compromised.
  • To create 3D rendition including front and back view for 6 SKUs.
  • To manage and sort all necessary content to facilitate conceptualisation, layout and creative work.